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Navigating Auto Lockouts: Tips and Solutions

In the event of locking keys inside a car, exploring practical solutions before calling a locksmith is essential. This article discusses steps to take, preventative measures, and locksmith considerations.

Understand that different car models may respond differently when attempting to unlock them.

First Response:

Evaluate the situation based on the type of car lock. Some cars automatically unlock when pulling the interior lever, while others, like BMWs, require specific actions.

Step One: Find a plastic or wooden wedges and try to pry the window open. You only need a quarter of an inch crack.

  • You can buy them any hardware store. They have a lot of wooden wedges that people use for construction to for like cabinets, tables, anything like that.
  • YOU CAN USE use a metal screwdriver or a metal pipe or anything metal, it will chip your paint.
  • Wood might stick to the paint but you can buff that out so you actually don’t damage your car.

Step Two: Use a door hanger or a metal door hanger (or a stick or piece of wood) insert it and do the following:

  • Pull on the door handle
  • Pull on the lock or
  • Press on the button on the door to unlock the doors.

And sometimes all of those things are so hard we can pull on the door handle.

Step Three: If the keys that you have if they have a remote attached to it and they’re laying on the seat, reach with a wire and press the button on the remote.

Preventative Measures:

Always Have a Backup Key: Recommend having an emergency blade (metal key) and a magnetic box underneath the car for quick access.

Affordable Solution: Emergency blades cost around $10, offering a cost-effective alternative to

Emergency Scenarios:

  • Child Locked Inside: In extreme situations, prioritize safety over waiting for assistance.
  • Window Breakage: If necessary, break a window using a sharp object, preferably in the top corners, as these are weaker spots.

    Get something heavy, and has a little point on it a little something sharp, where you can use a rock, you can use a brick, you can use any piece of metal that’s heavy enough and always hit the corner of the window because when you hit the center of the window and bounces back how windows are made right now is they’re able to absorb a lot of energy from the center.

If you NEED to call a Locksmith, take in these considerations:

  • Pricing Awareness: When considering locksmith services, inquire about availability before discussing pricing.
  • Transparent Pricing: Avoid unexpected costs by confirming the total price and any potential additional charges, ensuring a fair and consistent rate regardless of the car model.
  • Avoiding Unpleasant Surprises: Some locksmiths might quote a service fee and then add charges based on the car model; choose a locksmith with transparent and fixed rates.

Lost Key Scenario:

On-Site Key Replacement: Many locksmiths provide on-site key replacement services. This is strictly a MOBILE LOCKSMITH SERVICE

Depending on the car model, choose between a transponder key with a chip or a remote key with additional functionalities.

Smart Key Consideration: For smart keys, having the full remote key is crucial for starting the car.

Navigating an auto lockout involves a combination of preventative measures, immediate actions, and informed decisions when engaging locksmith services. By understanding the options available, individuals can make well-informed choices during these challenging situations.

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