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Squatters Right are trending in Oregon right now.

It’s no surprise that some Oregonians are furious about the one-sided tenant laws locking homeowners out of their rightfully owned homes.

What are squatters’ rights even? Well, squatter rights are actually called: adverse possession.

Adverse possession is a legal concept that allows someone to claim ownership of land or property if they have openly, continuously, and exclusively used or occupied it for a certain period of time, typically ranging from several years to decades, depending on the jurisdiction. Essentially, adverse possession enables individuals to acquire title to land or property without the original owner’s permission if certain conditions are met. These conditions usually include the individual’s occupation being visible, continuous, and without interference from the true owner. The specific requirements and timeframes for adverse possession vary by jurisdiction.

Anyone with eyes can see that Oregon has a squatter issue. While it is extremely difficult to find any actual statistics on squatters in Oregon (we believe this is on purpose) most of us have a friend or know someone who has been a victim of squatters.

But what if I told you one man found a cure? I’m going to tell you a story about a man who beat the squatters. This is the ultimate twist to this whole squatter situation.

Here’s how he did it in his own words

This is how I kicked squatters out of my mom’s house without the support of law enforcement or the legal system.
So basically my father had passed away, and my mom couldn’t be there on her own.

We had a vacant house and were going back and forth, renting or selling.

Then an individual reached out to us to rent it. Apparently she was a prison guard.

And she reached out and told us she didn’t have any money, didn’t have any credit, wanted to just trade repairs for whatever. We didn’t approve her.

Well, apparently, she reached out because she was moving, basically in the process.

She ended up having the truck of furniture and everything literally moved into the house. She said that it was delivered by accident, and she was getting rid of it.

Well, I started hearing from realtors that were going there trying to list the house saying that there is this lady in the house and a house full of furniture, there’s nothing we can do.

Then I started getting reports from neighbors.

They were describing her and they were saying there are lights on at night.

So I had to take a trip, and go to see for myself.

When I first got there i tried calling the police; I called the sheriff’s department, they responded like this,

“Well, you know, there’s a house full of furniture, and there’s someone in the house, there’s nothing we can do. We can’t enter, so there’s nothing we can do”.

I went back and forth with the Sheriff’s Department for quite awhile.

At the end they said sorry, but we can’t enter the house, you need to go through the courts.

Then I had an idea. I wanted to show legal cause for me since the house wasn’t in my name.

We wrote up a lease agreement between my mom and I stating that I was a legal resident. I became the legal tenant for the house.

All I needed to do at that point was do the same thing they did and occupy the house.

I’ve heard too many stories about people going through the courts and it takes so long. I just kind of figured out how I could do it without that delay without all those problems.

I mean, if they could take a house, then I could take the house. If they’re a squatter, and they have rights, well then if I become the squatter then I should have rights too.

I printed out the lease agreement.

My mom and I signed a legal binding agreement saying that I’m the legal tenant of the house.

I load up my jeep, I pack up my dog and we go on a 12 hour road trip.

I get there at like, 4am and pull up to see cars in the driveway.

I sit in the car a few houses down the street, and I sleep in my jeep and I wait till morning.

About 7:38am the cars pull out of the driveway. When I knew they left,I pulled into the driveway. I figure I’m taking a chance that everybody’s out of the house now at this point.

With everyone out of the house, I feel like I can now get in. I have keys so I don’t have to break in so I just walk in.

First thing I see is a lot of furniture, a lot of boxes, the house is completely full and we’re talking. a two story house.

I was completely shocked.

I go to the local Home Depot, and get a few Ring cameras so I could monitor everything. As I’m installing cameras, this lady and her granddaughter pull up to the house, and they walk up to me and we have a conversation.

Lady: Hi, your Flash? Yeah, I’m really sorry about all this. I really am. It’s just it’s a nightmare beyond and

Why is the stuff in the house? You told me that it was accidentally delivered and it was in the garage?

No, I didn’t say it was in the garage. Oh, no, no, no, no, I never said that.

Me: I mean, it’s clearly been in the house for a long time. I’ve had Realtors over here telling me they can’t do anything because of all this stuff. It all has to be out before I leave. I’ve got guys scheduled to come take the stuff out later today. So either you take it out, or I have to take it out and put it out on the driveway until it gets picked up.

But I can’t leave with anything in there or whatever’s left in there and staying in there.

So she tries playing it off as in like, she’s just storing her stuff there.

But what she didn’t know is I had neighbors describing her so when I saw her I already knew what should look like.

She was there every day and night, but she was trying to play it off as though she was surprised.

Obviously, that wasn’t the case, but she didn’t know what I knew.

I saw a couple young guys across the street, big strong guys. I walk over and I’m like, hey, you know, do you guys need any furniture? And they’re like, “Yeah!”

I’m like, “Well, look, I said I got a house full of furniture over here”.

I told them, if she doesn’t get this stuff out by midnight, it’s yours. You can have absolutely anything you want for free.

So I already had them lined up, and finally then and then she agreed to get the stuff out.

The thing was, she was having trouble getting somebody there to help. She came over to me and she said Do you think your movers will help me?

I said, they were going to help me because I was going to give them your furniture, I’m sure they’ll help you, but if you’re not going to give them the furniture, you’ll probably have to pay them.

So eventually they get the stuff out. She brings in trucks, and has a bunch of people and all day long, they’re taking stuff out.

In summary, I created a doc that made me the legal tenant. I then waited for them to vacate, so then I could be the squatter.

I move into the residence and let her know if you enter again, I’m going to call the police and trespassing and I’m gonna have you on video.

That is quite the loophole

He has this website squatter It’s dedicated to basically anyone out there who has squatters in their house and need help.

He’ll actually maybe offer to help get those squatters out of your house by doing the same thing that he did with his mom’s house.

If you need your locks changed on squatters just call us and ask for the “squatters discount!”

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